13th Moscow Pre-Moot

The Pre-Moot commenced on 10 March 2023 with a Young IMA Guest Lecture featuring Sean Yates, Barrister at Outer Temple Chambers, and Dr. Anna Kozyakova, Legal advisor and researcher at the Georg-August University of Göttingen. The lecture provided a discussion on theory and practice of conclusion of arbitration agreements, requirements to comply with, inter alia, legislative approval.

The Pre-Moot was held online providing teams from all over the world with more opportunities for competing. Thirty teams from diverse corners of the world, including from Chile, Philippines, China, India, Kenya, Turkey, Lesotho, France, UK, Ethiopia, Belarus and Russia, participated in the Pre-Moot. The Pre-Moot attracted approximately 90 arbitrators from various countries, fostering a rich exchange of perspectives. Over the subsequent two days, 11 March and 12 March 2023, teams presented their arguments as claimants and respondents.

The final round of the Pre-Moot featured the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Royal Institute of Colombo. The distinguished arbitral tribunal, comprised of Wen Dai (Partner at Zhong Lun’s Dispute Resolution practice), Mino Han (Partner at Peter & Kim), and Julia Popelysheva (Chief Legal Officer at Yandex), declared the Royal Institute of Colombo as the deserving winner of the 2023 Moscow Pre-Moot.

The Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration extends gratitude to all the speakers, participating teams, dedicated arbitrators, and supportive volunteers who contributed to the success of the Moscow Pre-Moot.

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